The college Journey

Even though I was raised Catholic, I never truly developed my one-on-one relationship with God until my college years. It was not until I got to college that I started developing an interest in learning more about God and his love for me. 

Lily is a senior at Rutgers University studying communications with a specialization in strategic pulic communications and public relations.

I spent my freshman year at American University in Washington D.C. There, I joined a Christian fellowship where I formed great relationships with other believers. That year, I also started prioritizing attending bible studies to learn more about God. I later transferred to Rutgers at the start of my sophomore year and I knew I had to find a new Christian fellowship. God called me to join Cru. God worked through one of the Cru servant team members to share the gospel with me and to encourage me to accept God as my savior. One evening in the college avenue student center, I prayed to God and asked him to fill my heart with his holy spirit. 

Now I am on the servant team at Cru working to build fellowship with the Christian community as well as share the gospel with non-believers.

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