Meet the Staff

There are over ten CRU staff members assigned to the Jersey Metro area and through out the week they travel around to different campuses supporting student leaders of all of the CRU chapters in Jersey. We at Rutgers are blessed to have two full time staff workers as well as part time interns who mentor and guide on a weekly basis.

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The Waters- Tommy and Karen Waters and their lovely 2 year old Anna are the full time staff workers at Rutgers and have been serving with CRU for about 10 years. They shepherd and support the student leaders as well as the ministry as a whole by providing guidance and opening their home to students on a regular basis. Feel free to use the contact information below to reach out to them with any questions.

Tommy:  or (732)421-4715


DSC_8330-300x300Nathan Liu is interning with Cru staff this school year, and as a graduate of Rutgers University, where he attended Cru’s Chinese Christian Fellowship, he is excited to be back to serve the students here. After a short career in the IT field, he answered God’s calling to full-time ministry and attended Cairn University’s School of Divinity while also interning at a local church. After graduating from seminary and completing his internship, he made a decision to change the direction of his ministry and join staff with Cru and the Jersey Metro team in 2016. He has a heart for college students and for New Jersey, so Cru is a perfect place for him to join like-minded servants to reach students for Christ.