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Upon popular request we will be starting something new at Rutgers Cru called Prayer Partners! This program will match you up with someone else in Cru to be your designated prayer partner that you can go to whenever with prayer requests. To register complete the google form below by February 8th. By completing this form you’re indicating you’re interested in having a prayer partner.  During the week 2/8-2/15 someone on servant team will be prayerfully partnering people who completed the form and the pairs will be announced at Cru on 2/15. The partnering will always be guy with guy and girl with girl.

If you sign up and at some point you feel like you need to drop out of would like a partner switch you can talk to one of servant team members and we will do our best accommodate you. Likewise is at some point you want to join and didn’t originally we will also try to accommodate you in that.

This is a great opportunity for you all to be encouraged and supported by one another and fulfill your God given call to encourage and support your brothers and sister in Christ!


At popular request we will be having another Q&A with CRUst like the one we had in the Fall. Over the next week we will be accepting questions for this event. There are three way for you to submit questions: send a direct message to a member of servant team, write down a question on the slips of paper that will be passed out at Cru large group next week or fill out the google form below with your question. The last two options can be anonymous if you choose them to be. Feel free to submit as many questions as you like and we will answer as many as we can! The Q&A will be held on February 15th at large group.

Memory Passage (1)This semester those who are interested will be memorizing a bible passage together. The Lord encourages us to hide scripture in our hearts and this is one way we can do that and work together so we can all keep each other accountable. Details on exactly how this will pan out and if there will be incentives for memorizing will be announced at coming large groups. If you have a suggestion on what passage you think we should memorize let a member of servant team know by February 15. There will be a poll posted in the group me after that so people can choose which passage they would like us to memorize. Memorization will beginning February 22nd.

EVANGELISMYou may be wondering… what is evangelism? Evangelism means sharing our faith with other and explaining to them the good news and great joy that we have because of Jesus Christ. This semester at cru we are making a special effort to do more small scale evangelism like tabling and street evangelism. In light of that we are going to have Evangelism Training on Tuesday the 13th (instead of bible study) at the cru house. Karen or Tommy Waters will be leading the event and training us in several different evangelism method such as solarium, perspective cards, the knowing God personally books, quests surveys, ect. If you don’t know any of those no worries we’ll be explaining all of them that night and if you’re already and evangelism expert you can still come! You’re sure to still learn something new and you can use your experience to offer suggestions to those of us who are newer at evangelizing.

Cookiefor aPrayeCookie for a Prayer is our yearly post Valentine ’s Day outreach! Each year we package out over 200 hundred cookies and hand them out on Livingston campus from 12-6 the day after Valentine’s Day which is Thursday February 15th. When we give people a cookie we ask them to write down something we can pray for them about or something in the world they want prayed about. This is a great way for us to serve our community by cheering up people’s day with a cookie and supporting them in prayer! Also it is a great opportunity to implement some of the evangelism training we will be having the Tuesday before. Come help us as we bake, pack and pray over the cookies the Sunday before (February 11th) at 7:30pm in Newell 288. Talk to servant team for more info.

Picture1Jesus Awareness Week (February 19-23rd) is a week full of events (every day and  night!) for Christians from every fellowship at Rutgers unify and tell our campus about the love of Jesus and his free gift of salvation! Information on what events will be held is located on the Facebook event which is linked below.

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