Rutgers Cru T-shirt Contest

contest dates (1).pngThis spring semester at Rutgers Cru we will be holding a t-shirt designing contest. Members of Cru are encouraged to submit as many designs as they’d like from February  8th – March 8th and voting will be from March 10th – March 15th . The creator of the winning design will receive a free t-shirt as their prize. You heard that right… A FREE T-SHIRT!!

See below how to participate and what the contest rules are.

Have any questions? Contact Andrea Pfaff at


How to participate

  1. Choose whether you like to design a long sleeve, short sleeve or tanker (follow the hyper link to get started)
  2. Read the contest rules below before you begin designing
  3. Design your shirt (make sure to play around with the design soft wear; there are a lot of cool features to explore)
  4. If you would like to use the logo download it here
  5. When you are done click the save a share button at the bottom of the screen
  6. Make the name of your design your first and last name and put the following email in the email box:
  7. Repeat the process for as many different designs and variations as you would like to submit!

Contest Rules

  1. The shirt color must be either black or white
  2. You can use any to all of the following four colors on the front+back of the shirtcolors
  3. You must abide by these regulations when using the logo (pg 2.1-2.8)
  4. You can submit as many designs as you like