this website is updated on a frequent basis to include our upcoming events. Be sure to check back soon to make sure you don’t miss out!

Involvement fair and Welcome Freshmen Froyo!AngieLester (2)

Find us at the Involvement Fair Monday the 4th any time from 1-6pm and ask any questions you might have to our eager and willing to answer volunteers manning the booth! Then meet up with us at 7pm for 16 Handles on Livingston Campus (Plaza Bus Stop). This is a great opportunity to get to know current members in a casual setting!

Monday Sept. 4                        7:00pm~16 Handles

Ice Pops and Spiritual Interest!

CaptureOn Tuesday the 5th of September we will be wandering all four campuses with a cooler of ice pops to distribute to any and all hungry looking college students. Come find us if you a it hot or in need of some tasty refreshment and fill out a quick easy survey about your spiritual life and interest in spiritual matters. Can wait to see you around! Find us if you can 😉

Tuesday Sept. 5                                                1-6pm~All four campus


First Large Group Meet Up for Fall Semester ’17

Happy National Sunglasses Day!This meet up will be held at the time of our normal large group meeting but instead of a typical meeting we will have an ice cream social, play a couple rounds of manhunt on Voorhees Mall and have a time of worship to close the night. Come enjoy this casual get together to meet current members and get into the swing of the semester with some fun! Hope to see you there!

Thursday Sept. 7               9:30pm~Milledoler Hall 100


Fall Planning Summit

fall-2016-summit-1024x768Come Through Friday September 8th to plan Rutgers Cru’s semester with your CruSt (cru servant team). Have your voice heard and your ideas come to pass by participating in the planning of this semesters events. We welcome and want any and all Cru attenders to participate if they wish even first year students who are brand new to Cru! Even if you have no ideas come and get excited about upcoming events!

Friday Sept. 8                                                                                                                      8pm~Beck Hall aud.

First Official Large Group Meeting Fall 2017

Brewed Time!

Come here your CruST  (cru student leadership) explain who we are, what we believe and what our fellowship offers! This is the ideal time to understand who we are as a fellowship ans get you questions answered.’

Thursday Sept. 7              9:30pm~Milledoler Hall 100


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